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  1. Initial Contact:
    After you contact us, we will send you a list of questions so that we can assess your needs. After that, we will tell you what we can do for you and go over everything together as well as provide you with realistic estimations.

  2. Contract:
    After we have agreed upon the project specifications, we will send you an agreement by email.

  3. Initial Retainer and Content:
    At this point an initial retainer fee of 70% and the web site content (text, photos, etc.) will be required before we start on the web site design.

  4. Questionnaire:
    During this stage will will send you a short questionnaire to ask about what you are looking for in the style of your website. This could be questions about what your corporate business colours are, what feelings you wish your web site to generate, what type of audience will be using your site, etc.

  5. Concepts:
    At this point we will provide you with an agreed upon numbers of concepts in a .jpg image so that you may look them over. We allow up to three emails from you making revisions before approval.

  6. Site Construction and Preview:
    After your approval of the design concepts, we will begin coding the site pages. When we have finished with this stage, we will upload the site to our server so that you may look it over and make any more changes or corrections.

  7. Final Payment:
    After the site has been tested and approved, the remaining 30% of the estimation must be made before making the site "live" by uploading it onto your server or agreed web host.

  8. Maintenance:
    After your site has gone live, we will offer to do the maintenance of your site for you. Should you wish to use our maintenance services, just let us know and we will make a separate agreement for that. We usually charge maintenance work at a fraction of the total development fee.
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